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by Frederick
21.07.2006 22:32
Forum: Bugs & Problems
Topic: Image upload problem
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Image upload problem

Hi, One of My authors is having a problem when trying to upload a post with images in it. He gets the following error message: Error while uploading the images. XML Parsing Error. Invalid procedure call or argument. Any clue or idea? All the others don't seem to have the problem. The version is buil...
by Frederick
21.07.2006 22:13
Forum: Bugs & Problems
Topic: Image align problem
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Image align problem

Hi, If you create a new post and you put (upload) an image inline with text and publish the article. Afterwards you edit the already published post and align the image left to have the text next to the image the example is correct but when you publish it the text is under the image. When you look at...