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by rwthornton
31.03.2007 05:45
Forum: Bugs & Problems
Topic: MS Office 2000 Setup starts with BlogDesk
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having same issue

Likewise I have the same issue, but don't use MS Office. Is there a list of the files and where we might get them off the MS site?

I might add that this ONLY seems to happen when using File > Open and File > Publish Post commands.
by rwthornton
31.03.2007 00:07
Forum: Installation & Configuration
Topic: Some Tips on How to Set up Typepad
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Some Tips on How to Set up Typepad

When setting up Typepad using the File > Manage Blogs > New to start the wizard, here are some tips on how to fill out some of the fields. For the web address just use the base URL: eg. (leaving off the trailing /yoursite/ that appears in content links) For the weblog type, choo...