BlogDesk and GreatNews?

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BlogDesk and GreatNews?

Post by makewrite » 01.08.2006 20:37


I use BlogDesk to blog, and I read my news in GreatNews (

GreatNews has an option called 'Blog This' that sets up a command to blog about a post from the application.

It has parameters set up for URL-editable blogs like wordpress, blogger, etc. and also an option for
"Generic External Blog Tool".

I have selected this, and then in the 'URL' field I see: <Executable path to the tool and command line parameters>
SO I enter
"C:\Program Files\BlogDesk\blogdesk.exe"

and some instructions underneath say
"You can use the following variables in URL: %TITLE%, %TEXT%, %LINK%, %AUTHOR%, %HTMLFILE%"

BUT I don't know how (if it's possible) to invoke the other variables and to start BlogDesk...

Is it possible to use BlogDesk this way, does anyone know?


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