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Looking for Johannes

Posted: 20.02.2007 04:37
by gottabkd
Hi Johannes, not sure if you know this or not, but Dr. Mike over at wordpress is looking for you.
You can find him here: ... &replies=9

He has something for you???
Actually I don't think Blogdesk will allow you to create them.

Staff is working on a WordPress API that I'm trying to get the attention of the blogdesk designer to pay attention to. (Aside, anyone have an account in their forums? I can't get my activated and it's going on three days now) The new API will allow categories to be worked on via a remote system.
Just trying to help, so if you know this info already.... great! If not, now you do :)

Posted: 20.02.2007 12:07
by Johannes
Thanks for the info :-)

Posted: 20.02.2007 20:49
by gottabkd
Your welcome, no problem at all, really.