Some Tips on How to Set up Typepad

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Some Tips on How to Set up Typepad

Post by rwthornton » 31.03.2007 00:07

When setting up Typepad using the File > Manage Blogs > New to start the wizard, here are some tips on how to fill out some of the fields.

For the web address just use the base URL: eg. (leaving off the trailing /yoursite/ that appears in content links)

For the weblog type, choose "Movable Type"

For the Entry Point, delete what is there and enter:

For the Login name, use the Member Name that appears in the Control Panel, and your member password (the one you log into the CP with, not one you may have on a particular blog)

When you use the Get Blog Id button, it should return to you a number that is the blog id.

I had no problems at all with the Categories or the Image upload, so those should work fine.

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