Installing the upgrade

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Installing the upgrade

Post by gottabkd » 30.04.2007 22:00

Hi Johannes, apparently I am not running the latest version of BlogDesk and am just wondering about the installation process.

I have downloaded it to my harddrive and need to know where to put it. >Do I just put it in the Blogdesk folder I already have and execute it?
>Does it write over what is already there?
>Will this upgrade solve the "comments closed issue" that I seem to be having right now?
>What else has been "fixed" with this upgrade? (image upload issue =:>)

Thanks, I love this program and know you work hard to make it the best.

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Post by Johannes » 30.04.2007 22:19

The current Hotfix works just like every other update: download the installation file and execute it - the installation process will start, the current version will be installed. If you already had personal data created with BlogDesk (options, posts etc.), this data is not affected.

And yes: this hotfix (2.6.500) will solve the "comments/pings closed issue".

Ah, and don't forget: after installation, open your blog properties for every blog hosted on and change the value in the System dropdown from WordPress to

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