BlogDesk publised posts with no category linked to

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BlogDesk publised posts with no category linked to

Post by CMP » 21.10.2008 21:42

When finishing posting yesterday, I open my blog as a visitor and I realized that none of the 10 posts had a related category. I checked the 10 published on Saturday and they presented same problem.

I had to enter my blog as Admin, edit post by post and linking each one to the corresponding category.

Same problem happened today, but I discovered that if I publish using Windows Live Writer the final post appears properly linked to its category. So, it seems to be a BlogDesk problem.

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Post by WT » 28.11.2008 19:57

Hi CMP - I am using Blog Desk 2.8 and WordPress 2.6. My categories are ticked correctly after I upload. So don't know what might be happening with your uploads, but it works correctly for me.

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