Image upload problem

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Image upload problem

Post by Frederick » 21.07.2006 22:32


One of My authors is having a problem when trying to upload a post with images in it. He gets the following error message:

Error while uploading the images.
XML Parsing Error.
Invalid procedure call or argument.

Any clue or idea? All the others don't seem to have the problem.
The version is build 300.

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Same problem

Post by jb510 » 12.12.2006 03:08

I'm suddenly having the exact same problem, uploading to

BlogDesk was successfully uploading images inline with my entries, with the caveat that the images took a day or three to show up on all the mirrors. However it was working, now upon trying to upload an entry with inline images I immediately get and error that reads:

An error occurred while uploading the post.
Error uploading images
XML Parsing Error: Invalid procedure call or argument

...and nothing shows up on WP, not text not images.

FWIW, Uploading a test entry with text only still uploads fine, it's just when the entry has images in it.

I created a thread at WP, but no one has responded yet.

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Minor Update

Post by jb510 » 12.12.2006 04:58

A minor update...

The images I'm trying to upload are thumbnailed, in blogdesk/by blogdesk. The first thumbnail is showing up in the WP.C server, but not the full size and not the text.

The file name is generic and not long, DSC_4316-small.jpg

Again, the frustrating thing is this had all been working fine for the last month.

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Post by Johannes » 12.12.2006 18:16

This seems to be a issue - we'll have to wait for their solution.

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Post by jb510 » 14.12.2006 09:01

I sent feedback to WP.C and they responded that they'd look to see if/what changed in the code... and violia as of Dec 14th it seems to be working again.

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