Subscript out of range

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Subscript out of range

Postby SonicMonkey » 08.11.2006 16:48

Hi, guys

Anybody had to deal with the 'Run-time error 9: Subscript out of range' problem? I'm using the blog software blojsom and blogDesk for posting issues. Everytime I try to find entries of a certain category blogDesk throws this error message. On the other hand blogDesk can find entries of other categories.

Well, hopefully someone can help me. If more information is needed, just poste it. And I'll try to get the wanted information. Thanks in advance

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Re: Subscript out of range

Postby Johannes » 08.11.2006 16:54

What exactly do you mean by 'finding entries of a certain category'?

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Finding certain entries

Postby SonicMonkey » 09.11.2006 11:27

Well, at first I think we could do this in german! :)
I've already posted a problem I had and still have with BlogDesk & blojsom.
When I want to change entries at first I have to find them. Should be no big deal, but here's where my problems start.
This is my blog configuration:
Darn...thought I could upload some images!!! Well then I have to do it the old fashioned way.

RPC-address: /blojsom/xmlrpc/default/
API: MetaweblogAPI
System: blojsom
url to blog:

Here it comes now!

Blog-ID: Aktuelles/

This is not a blog, it's a category of my blog. Even if I change the url, I get all my categories of my blog listed as Blog-IDs. First question: Is this correct? Did I understand something wrong here? Should not all available blogs be listed here?

Furthermore, you asked me what I meant by 'certain categories'. Well, that's an easy one. If I choose this category and then want to view older entries of this category by clicking 'show' in the 'Already published entries'-menue, I get that mystic 'Run-time error 9 : Subscript out of range' answer. The hole program chrashes! There are a view other categories in my blog where this happens too. On the other side there are some categories where everything works fine. The program will deliver me the entries belonging to those categories and I can view and change them. Afterwards I can push 'em up to my blog again.
'Hmmmm...' I asked myself, ' could this be?'
Maybe it's the url to my blog!?
Furthermore, I have the problem in displaying all entries of my blog. I can just view the entries of a specific category, as mentioned.

Well...I tried a lot of stuff, but I'm done. Need help!
Hmm, maybe its a problem of the blogging software blojsom? But BlogDesk should work fine with blojsom. At least this is what the BlogDesk documentation says.
It would be grat, if you could find a solution for me, or give me a hint!
Thanks in advance...again :)

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RE: Finding certain entries

Postby SonicMonkey » 10.11.2006 13:01

Hey, hoe....back again

Jeah...I've recently found out, or better to say, I believe I found out why BlogDesk crashes with the before mentioned error-message.
And it seems that BlogDesk doesn't like empty categories, so no entries in a category. Anyway this might just happen in using blojsom as your blog software.
My blog has 10 categories and some categories do not have any entries in it.
The error message just occures on those categories with no entries. So everything should be almost fine. This might just be a little problem with BlogDesk, because e.G. w.bloggar works fine with blojsom, even though on empty categories.

But personally: I like this one here MUCH MORE! :)

Last but not least, is there a way that BLogDesk will show me all entries of my blog? That BlogDesk will search for every entry in each category?
As already mentioned BlogDesk provides me with the categories I am using in my blog as 'Blog-IDs'. And I have to switch to each category in the 'Edit blog properties' menu in order to view older entries and to do some additional things on those entries there. It would be great, if I had the possibility of an overview of all entries for easy working

Well, see you guys and have a nice weekend

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Postby Johannes » 10.11.2006 13:28

I don't know blojsom very well and I still don't understand what you mean exactly by entries and categories. Appearently blojsom offers something BlogDesk can't use. Have you tried finding some help in the blojsom community?

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RE: Have you tried finding some help in the blojsom communit

Postby SonicMonkey » 10.11.2006 15:23

Hi, Johannes

Let's get rid of some misunderstandings here! :)

What I've meant by categories:
Take a look at the 'Blog properties' menu -> 'Categories' ;)

What I've meant by entries:
The posts :)

I'm sure, I didn't express myself very clearly. I used some other term instead. Sorry for that.
Hopefully this will clear up some things. :)

Yeah...I searched almost the entire mailing list from blojsom. Lot of stuff, but no one seems to have problems with BlogDesk there. A good sign for you! :)
I'm still looking for an easy way to switch between categories in order to change posts. Till now, I'll repeat what I've said before, I have to go into the 'Edit blog properites' menu and choose an other Blog-ID (all my categories of my current blog are listed there) and then go to the 'Edit posts already published' menu in order to change posts regarding a specific category.
w.bloggar for example hast an extra scroll-bar, where all categories are listed. Choose a category there and then just push the 'Get posts' button.

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Postby Johannes » 10.11.2006 15:49

I still don't get it :-) But appearently BlogDesk does not offer this 'easy way to switch between categories in order to change posts'.

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