Editing & Apostrophes

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Editing & Apostrophes

Postby sheunlimited » 12.01.2007 22:46

Problems with editing in Word Press. It seems that when I try to edit any article that is put up, the program is replacing quotation marks and apostrophes with letters, for example:

“This is how it goes up.” gThis is how it changesh. The program is putting g’s and h’s in place of the quotation marks and f’s in place of the apostrophes.

Also dashes are changed to back slashes, ie. I know I edited that article---I checked, will change to this, I know I edited that article/I checked.

I do not know what is causing this do you have any suggestions?

Many Thanks

Please help me resolve this issue as soon as you can.

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Postby Johannes » 18.01.2007 01:26

After changing some mails it seams that this was an 'odd problem' that could not be reproduced.

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Thank you...

Postby sheunlimited » 18.01.2007 13:59

With much appreciation to Johannes who took out time to research the issue, again Blog Desk has helped our editors, contributors to keep content in constant flow.

Please keep us updated with press and updates, we will be sending another donation and when the CD comes out for sale..please let us know...

Again, thank you Johannes
Veronica Marie

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