Bad Login Error

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Bad Login Error

Post by wullar » 11.06.2007 06:33


I successfully installed BD on Vista and it is working fine now but there is a problem, I have configured my blog alright and it even did a test upload of a picture and got the categories but when I try to EDIT posts already published or try to PUBLISH new posts it gives me the following error:

Bad login / Pass.

This I do not understand, the password is correct, I have configured it right and it even got the categories but this was a problem even when I was using XP.

Does BD not accept special characters like $.*, in the password, when in XP I had the problem I had changed my password to not contain special characters but now I do not want to risk not having a strong password. Anyway this can be fixed?


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Post by Johannes » 11.06.2007 09:54

The current version of BlogDesk has a problem with passwords longer than 12 characters. If your password is longer, you need to shorten it.

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