404 error on upload

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404 error on upload

Postby gottabkd » 18.09.2007 00:23

Hi There,
I created a post and loaded it to my worpress blog. I then deleted the post from wordpress, and modified the post in Blogdesk.
When I tried to upload it again to my blog, I received this error:
An error occurred while transferring the file
Error code: 404
Invalid post ID.

Seems once I deleted the post from wordpress, it could not replace the new post to the older post version... seems right since the older version is no longer there..... BUT

I still want to post the new version and do not know how to give it a new ID to get it up there. Is this a possible thing to do and if so how do I do it?
I even went into "sent" posts in the BD folder and deleted the old post, but nothing happened excpet the same error.....

Help! :)

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Postby Johannes » 18.09.2007 00:29

There are other ways, but the fastest would be to open the post, copy the text, create a new post, insert the text and upload the new post.

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Postby gottabkd » 18.09.2007 17:56

Ok will do that....

Thanks so much for the quick reply.
You and your product are awesome :)

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