wordpress 2.3.2 and blogdesk: unable to post

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wordpress 2.3.2 and blogdesk: unable to post

Post by cucca » 09.01.2008 09:42

Hello all,
i have a problem with blogdesk 2.7. When i try to post a new message in my server (linux machine with wordpress 2.3.2) i get this error:
An error occured while uploading the post.
Error transfering the post to the server.
Errorcode: 500
Siamo spiancenti, il tuo intervento non puo' essere pubblicato. E' successo qualcosa di strano.
(italian translated: something strange has happened).

what can i do?

thanx in advance!

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Post by Johannes » 09.01.2008 21:07

Is this problem new?
Do other weblog clients (like Qumana or BlogJet) have the same problem posting to your blog?

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