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WordPress Pages

Post by justgraham » 18.08.2006 09:32

One of my WordPress blogs uses mainly Pages rather than Posts.

In order to maintain them I have to create a pseudo post that I save as a draft and then copy and paste to a blank page within WordPress.

If I want to modify the Page I re-edit, re-save the draft and then re-copy and paste into the existing Page.

Is there a better workaround to this problem?

Any way to integrate these features into an upcoming version?

You really have a great product here. I love it.

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Post by Johannes » 18.08.2006 10:20

There is no way to edit/create WordPress pages with BlogDesk (or any other client) because WordPress does not offer an interface to do so.

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Post by justgraham » 18.08.2006 16:04

I was afraid I would get that reply. I'll just have to bug them about it then!

I'm going to keep on using BlogDesk anyway. For me it's best of breed.

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Page Edit in Wordpress

Post by russa » 29.09.2006 00:05

I would also love to see an editor for pages.

Your product is the best thing I have come across since startig to create a blog - thank you and I hope you make a fortune out of it !

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