Class for images

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Class for images

Post by manguruya » 03.11.2007 19:28


A better idea will be to have a field "class" in the "image atributes". In this
manner, I can set a css class name for this image.

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Class tags in Blogdesk for images

Post by Scot » 02.12.2007 19:47

Firefox and Safari are no longer supporting HTML tags with images for formatting and many blog themes now use classes to format images. Consequently, using BlogDesk, my images do not render correctly in those browsers.

Right now, using BlogDesk, I need to go and edit every post with a picture in it before it can really publish -- defeating one of the purposes of having BlogDesk in the first place!

Of course, none of the other client blogging programs support classes at the moment that I am aware of, so hopefully, BlogDesk can be the first!

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WordPress plugin for BlogDesk users

Post by kihbord » 19.01.2008 13:50

Hi Guys,

I'm a happy blogdesk user myself with the same situation. So what I did was sort of create a plugin in WordPress to remove the height and width attributes and replace them with class and id attributes.

I've made the plugin freely available so if you are a wordpress and blogdesk user, you can download the plugin at my site

Thanks Johannes for creating blogdesk and making it freely available. :-)

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