Has BlogDesk been orphaned?

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Has BlogDesk been orphaned?

Postby dennishays » 07.04.2008 15:30

Are there any updates scheduled in the near future or has BlogDesk been orphaned?

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Postby Johannes » 07.04.2008 18:44

I wouldn't call a program 'orphaned' when it's actively supported like BlogDesk is in this forum. And I'm also working on an update and a new language version.

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Postby dennishays » 07.04.2008 18:50

Sorry, poor choice of words. What I really meant to ask was about another update, not whether it's being supported. I had realized it was being supported here on this forum. Apologies all around!

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Postby halinagold » 23.05.2008 19:47

... and thanks for the new version Johan! Much appreciated!

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