How to make BlogDesk stand above the competition

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How to make BlogDesk stand above the competition

Post by hebbja » 28.06.2006 21:32

Blogging clients are meant to support ofline blogging.

What I would really love to see is an post model that follows the e-mail send model. I.E. I can post when I am offline and BlogDesk will queue it locally.

Later, when an internet connection is available, BlogDesk will automatically post the queued items to the relevant server.

Any actual posting to server problems can then be place in an error box (with some sore of UI notification) and the user can peruse the failures at their leisure.

Oh killer feature, be implemented soon. Pleeeeease.

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Post by Johannes » 28.06.2006 21:49

Well, this would maybe avoid a few clicks (and certainly add new problems), but a 'killer feature'? You can always write & save your posts and publish later whenver you want. That's what many users do and they seem happy with it.

BTW: nice review :-)

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I too would like a "catch up" posting

Post by reinkefj » 01.05.2007 20:59

I love the product, but I to would like it even more if there was a deferred upload. Yes, I can save a draft and do it later, but you are so much smarter and more attentive than I am. (Always butter up the target!) It might be a simple as adding a "deferred" queue in the saving.

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