Blog-ID on Yahoo hosted MovableType

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Blog-ID on Yahoo hosted MovableType

Post by ruurban » 30.06.2006 00:43

Hello all,

My blog is using MovableTypoe software hosted on Yahoo ( ... ID=1862119)
I am unable to find the "entry point" to continue for the set up/configuration. I just discovered BlogDesk. Downloaded it to my desktop and I really love it and it would make my job so much easier. The only problem is that I cannot complete the setup/configuration because I am unsure where to find my "entry point" on the server. I wonder if anyone has experienced this problem before or if you have any suggestions.

Thanks so much

Heusen B.

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Post by zigguratt » 16.07.2006 19:14

Did you select "MovableType" from the screen just before the entry point screen? If you did, it would fill in the entry point for you.

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Post by Johannes » 17.07.2006 10:24

ruurban found a solution and will post it later.

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